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Monday, February 1, 2010

Trace Mobile Number with GPS help

In the world, right now, there are in excess of 2.3 billion internet users daily. That seems like a pretty impressive number doesn’t it? Well it really is when you think of it just a little, but when you compare it to cellphone users it’s a bit paltry in comparison. There are currently 4.1 billion cellphone users with cell phone numbers worldwide and growing, according to the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). That is a astounding number and a bit scary when you think of the capabilities of a cell phone user both good and bad. Land line telephone service is a measly 1.2 billion world wide and dropping when taking into account computer wifi communications and worldwide satcom communication cellphones. Most without a cellphone directory. We all pretty much know the benefits of cellphone technology, but I want to touch on them again because maybe there is a few your not aware of. First off, there’s the absolute convenience, of course. You can almost call anywhere at anytime depending on the plan you have, and pretty much get any information you could get from a land line phone. An extreme example was an acquaintance that was in the paratroops in the war zone of Iraq. His platoon was under attack by hundreds of the enemy and their radio equipment had gotten shot up. He whipped out his cell phone and called a buddy who was in an artillery unit, some twenty miles away and gave him coordinate to fire on, his friend gave the phone to his battery commander and a fire mission was immediately ordered, destroying the enemy entirely, within minutes. Astounding and life saving in this instance.

My friend in Falluja tried 911 first, of course it wasn’t working, that’s why he called his friend. But as you know we also have 911 to call for the police, fire and ambulance service, even medi-flight air transport. There is also 411 for land line information. Here is one that a lot of folks don’t know or think about. It is now possible for a company to advertise to 4.1 billion people at the speed of light, with a one line ad and web address link to order buy, for immediate sales! What would a 1% return on that be? Hehehe. What about the bad things that can be done with a cellphone? Maybe you have experience yourself with some of these. The burglar who is stalking you and your family, tracking your position by the GPS signal your phone gives off because he knows how to get that data. He sits and waits till the perfect time to strike when you’re all far away from the house, when he breaks into your home and steals all your prized possessions. Or maybe his target is you, oooh scary!

How about the person who is constantly calling then hanging up? Their up to no good. Or the crazy jealous wife who is tracking the whereabouts of her husband by his cell phone GPS signal? Or vice versa? Or it might even be the cops or the feds sticking their nose in your business. We just don’t need this crap and it is so wonderful that their are absolute options for our protection to our constitutionally promised privacy. Although at this time the capabilities of pay as you go, PRE-PAID cell phone services are not quite as advanced as the services you sign your lives away for, one big advantage is, THEY CAN’T BE TRACKED BY GPS.For the bozo’s who call and hang up, there are services that can give you immediate reverse lookup capability to get their names addresses, Family members, carrier and other pertinent info, even criminal background check interlinks and options to track THEM by gps, the police love to deal with continual harassment callers. And you will love to turn the tables!

I have done reviews on a number of different options for the average cell phone user and am glad to share my info when I can. Why you say? Because I have personally experienced the affects of the dark side of cell phone misuse, but now I know how to fight back.

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