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Monday, February 1, 2010

Is Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Possible in United States(USA)

Reverse Cell Phone Lookup for the United States and Canada:

The truth about conducting reverse cell phone searches.

If you are on this website reading this article, you are obviously in need to reverse a cell phone number for whatever reason and you are probably also wondering if there are any free directories that offer this service.

I have searched the internet time and time again coming across sites that claimed to offer this service for free but they always led to paid sites which lead me to believe there was no such service being offered for free. Therefore, I dug a little deeper to find out why cell phone numbers and unlisted numbers where so hard to find and what was the proper way to get an answer when I was in need of one.

It turns out that cell phone companies do not offer access to their databases for free like they do for residential listings. They have policies in place that help protect the identities of their mobile phone customers. Therefore, gathering the data, organizing, and making this information readily available to the public is hard work and very time consuming. That is why websites that offer the service of reversing a mobile phone number must charge a small fee.

Not to worry it will not break your budget for a report - a reverse one cell phone number will cost you about $15 which is not very expensive to say the least. Legit companies do offer memberships which will allow you to conduct unlimited reverse searches. These memberships are usually 1 year memberships and will cost you around $40. This is actually the best option as most likely during the course of the year, you will be in need to conduct more than one of these searches as a most people in the United States and Canada use a cell phone.

But there is some good news about having to pay for this service. There is a company that offers a professional reverse phone lookup in Canada and in the United States. In my experience, they do provide an excellent service. Their reports can include such information as the owners name and address, Household members, Phone company and carrier, and more. My advice is do not waste your time on free websites that offer this service as they simply do not have access to the databases that contain these hard to find numbers.

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