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Friday, February 12, 2010

Find Who Called Your Daughter in your absence

Imagine your fourteen year old daughter has been out with her friends. That's not unusual, so long as you know who she's with and where they are you are happy that she is sociable and has lots of friends. One day she comes home quieter than normal. Usually she comes home chatty and happy, keen to bore you with stories of the latest cool music her friends are downloading for their mp3 players and pester you about the latest must-have cell phone.

This time she is quiet. Over the next few days you notice that she doesn't look so eagerly at her cell phone each time a text comes in. Usually she is texting her friends constantly, now it seems like she doesn't want to read the texts. You start to worry. You ask her if she is ok, but she's fourteen and she brushes you aside.

Now you are really worried. What happened on that night out? Why doesn't she want to read her texts? Has something happened? Is she being bullied? Did she meet someone who is pestering her? Once you've started having those thoughts you can't get them out of your head. You are concerned about her safety and her welfare.

If you try to talk to her again, you fear that she will get angry and start a teenage strop. But you need to know who is calling her and why she won't read the texts on her phone. One evening when she is in the bathroom you decide to look at the calls on her phone.

You go back through her texts and find one from someone who is sending her crude and suggestive texts. You can see why she is reluctant to read them. Who are they from? You can see the caller's number, but can you find out who they are?

Yes - you can find out who is calling her. Use a reverse number trace website. For a small fee you can find out a surprising amount of information about the caller. Armed with this information you can try to reassure your daughter that you can and will stop the texts coming. If you feel you need to take the matter to the Police, based on the information you find about the caller, you can. If it turns out to be another youngster you might feel that approaching their parents it a more appropriate course of action.

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